We’re listening closely. Will you be heard?

The early phases of any planning project are all about gaining understanding…of the community, its citizens, its history, culture and, of course, the all important “best developmental opportunities.” We achieve an understanding through research. Some of our research is rather bookish. We pour over prior planning documents, reviewing previous findings and recommendations and note what’s been accomplished and what remains to be achieved (assuming priorities are unchanged). We read up on history, regional news and business trends.

But not all research is so academic. As noted in a prior post, we like to get out about town, explore, and eat where the locals eat. It’s fun. But perhaps the most enjoyable research into the heart and soul of a community comes through our workshops. Community engagement in the planning process is essential. Without it, the plan doesn’t belong to the community at all. It could be any town’s plan. But we are not working in Donna, TX to create a plan for any town. We’re working in Donna, TX to create Donna’s plan for growing and improving life in Donna.

So we need community participation. Over the next few weeks, JD Salinas and other members of the Advent GX team will be reaching out to the citizen’s of Donna and asking for input. We’re going to have a community workshop and everyone’s invited. Please come! Share your ideas, voice your vision and dare to dream.

If you cannot make the workshop, find another way to share your thoughts. We’ve created an input form on this web site. Use the community input form or just reach out and contact us. We’re listening.