Community Workshop Provides Insight into Citizens’ Priorities

On September 8, 2012, 100 members of the community participated in a community workshop, providing insight into the interests and concerns of Donna citizens. The information gathered is helping to shape the community and economic development plan.

The Process

Advent GX facilitated the workshop using Nominal Group Technique to capture the concerns of local citizens and prioritize those in a democratic fashion.

Individually, members of the community responded to the following question.

“What are the top two needs for most important concerns that must be addressed in order for you (your business or organization) to prosper the most in the next 2-5 years?”

Advent GX posed the question in both English and Spanish. In addition, we were able to engage youth in the workshop and capture the input of these younger members of the community. Once individual members posed their answers, the individuals used dots to vote for the items most important to them. In the end, the community identified priorities that will be used to guide the planning process going forward.

The Results

Following is a table of the compiled results from the workshop (please note that the Youth participants are a sub set of the English speaking group and they reflect 11% of the full group - English and Spanish speakers comprise the full data set so they add up to 100%).

Next Steps

Next, Advent GX will facilitate a smaller visioning workshop informed by the results of the community workshop and involving subject matter experts from outside the community who will lend their expertise to the planning process. The next workshop is scheduled for September 22.

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