Local Students Promote Workshop. Community Responds!

Advent GX Interns and local volunteers hit the streets of Donna earlier this week to encourage community members to participate in the community workshop. The community heeded the call, with more than 100 local citizens sharing their ideas for what will help Donna grow in the next 3-5 years.

High school students from Donna encourage citizens to participate in a workshop to plan for the city’s future.

Using the Nominal Group Technique, Advent GX facilitators used a two-hour workshop to capture and prioritize community needs. Participants were asked to respond to one simple question.

“What are the top two needs or most important concerns that must be addressed in order for you (your business or organization) to prosper the most in the next 2-5 years?”

Gathered in the Simon Sauceda Performing Arts Complex, participants used note pads, and stickers to capture, post and prioritized responses. The turnout at the events was most encouraging, letting local leadership and Advent GX know that the citizens of Donna is ready to participate in building the future.

More than 100 citizens heeded the call to contribute their ideas to the plans for the future of Donna.

Next, Advent GX will process all of the input and prepare for the next workshop that will focus on strategies for achieving some of the objectives identified during the initial workshop and through research into best opportunities for the community.

Any Donna citizens who were unable to participate in the workshop can still share their ideas through our online feedback form. To read local news coverage about the workshop, visit the article in The Monitor.

Advent GX Site Visit Featured in The Monitor

We are grateful to the Monitor for helping get the word out about the Donna Economic Development Initiative. The Strategy Deployment process is just getting underway. We are learning a lot and already seeing great opportunities in Donna.

Read the Monitor article, “New development consultants scope out Donna.”